Written by: Dallas Walsh

Lydia Rockwell's mouth is open in shock as she stands in the office of Casper Ross as he just revealed to her that Dane Ashby's long-lost child that he had with a married woman years ago is right here in Kelsey Lake; not only that, but the woman is someone that Lydia knows all too well: Dyhannah Cooper!

Lydia's mind is now racing as she wonders if this is enough to prevent Dane from marrying Lucinda Rockwell. The entire reason that Lydia wanted to investigate Dane was because she didn't want Lucinda to marry a man that she felt like they barely knew. When Casper first revealed to her that Dane had an affair with a married woman and that resulted in a baby, she didn't think that it was enough to tell Lucinda not to marry him. The fact that his daughter is Dyhannah, might change things.

"Are…are you sure that this is correct?" Lydia finally replies to the private investigator. "Dyhannah Cooper is Dane's daughter?"

"I am positive of this," Casper nods back to her. "All the digging I did leads up to this. For example, Dyhannah was left outside of a firehall by her biological parents. Two days later, she was adopted by her parents. Dane, at the time, lived next door to the fire station that she was left at."

"My God," Lydia whispers back to him. "I have to tell Mac about this! This…this might change everything for Lucinda and the entire Rockwell family. I mean…Mac has a half-sister that he knew nothing about!"

Casper smiles back to her. "I'm glad that might help you, Lydia."

"You did a great job, Casper. I don't know how I will ever thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine," he nods back to her. "Let me know if I can help you with anything else."


The following morning is glorious as the sun is out shining and birds are chirping away. In a large bedroom of the Rockwell mansion, Sabine Andrews looks at herself in a mirror as she wears a silk robe. Her long blonde hair is up in a French twist with soft pink pearls holding it together. Next to the mirror is a mannequin that has her lavish, bright yellow, wedding dress on. Soon, she will be the one wearing the dress as she and Nathan Lockhart will be married later in the morning.

"How are you feeling?" Quinn Cunningham asks her mother as she passes her a glass of champagne. "In a few short hours, you're going to be Mr. Nathan Lockhart."

Sabine takes a sip of her champagne before she smiles back to her daughter. "I…I almost can't believe that this day is here. After everything Nathan and I have been through, we are finally going to be husband and wife."

"I know how much you struggled after you had your miscarriage," Quinn tells her mother as she sits on the bed next to Sabine. "I don't think I ever saw that emotional, Mom. So, I am really happy to see you and Nathan in such a good place."

"Me too sweetheart and thank you again for not saying anything to Nathan about the baby. It would just be difficult for him to understand."

"You have to worry about me Mom," Quinn smiles back to her. "You have helped me so much, this is the least that I can do. Now, let's stop chit chatting and let's get you in this gown!"


Nathan paces back and forth in his room in the Rockwell Mansion as he, also, is getting ready for his wedding to Sabine, which is scheduled to start in a few hours. His mind, however, is on the fact that he, recently, slept with Helena Grant, as a part of his plan to get revenge on Mac Rockwell and Sabine for their affair after he was shot.

"They have no idea that I planned for this to unfold this way," he whispers to himself as he picks up his bowtie and looks at it. "And now, the wedding will go off exactly as I want it too. The way I need it too."

He moves over to his dresser and picks up a framed picture of himself and his son, Slate Lockhart, who passed away a few years ago.

"Slate," he whispers as he feels his eyes swell with water. "I wish you were here today, my boy. You'd be…you'd be so proud of everything that I am about to accomplish."

He sets the picture back down and looks at Slate for a moment longer. "Just give me the strength, no matter where you are, to carry out the plan for today. With you by my side, I will be able to get through this. Nothing will stop me."


Meanwhile, downstairs, Lydia opens the front door to the Rockwell mansion and rushes inside. In the foyer, she can see many people walking around as they are getting the mansion ready for Nathan and Sabine's wedding, which is still a few hours away. She dodges a group of waiters and makes her way to the living room, where she sees Mac Rockwell standing in the room and telling movers where to relocate the furniture so they can place the seats for the guests.

She watches her former husband for a moment and realizes that she must tell him about Dyhannah being his half-sister. She has no idea how Mac, or Lucinda, will react to this news but the sooner she can tell him the better off they will all be.

"Alright, that sofa can go into the storage room at the end of the hall until after the reception," Mac tells a group of muscular men, who nod back to him as they lift the sofa up and start to carry it out of the room.

"Hey, careful with those," Mac then instructs other people, who are carrying some expensive vases. "Those are family heirlooms."

"Mac, I'm glad I found you," Lydia says as she moves up to him. "We need to talk."

"I'm so sorry Lydia," Mac half turns his head before he turns back to watch the movers. "This will have to wait; I have a million things to do around here before the wedding begins."

"Uh," Lydia gulps back to him, not wanting to wait to tell him what she has learned. "Alright, but promise me you'll make time for me as soon as the wedding is over? I need to discuss something with you."

"Yes, of course," Mac smiles back to her. "As soon as the wedding is over, I'm all yours."


A short time later, Chase and Dyhannah Cooper move into the foyer of the Rockwell mansion dressed in a tuxedo and a long, red gown that hugs her curves. They are there for the wedding, even though Dyhannah questions why they were invited since they are not that close to the Rockwell's, especially Sabine, who is Quinn's mother and Dyhannah can't stand her since she lied to Deacon Cooper about being baby Jumper's biological father.

"Can you do me a favor?" she turns to her fiancé and purses her lips together.

Chase uneasily chuckles back to her as he grabs two glasses of champagne from a waiter that is walking by him. "I will certainly do my best. What is going on, darling?"

Dyhannah takes a sip of the champagne. "Keep this glass in my hand full please and let's get the hell out of here as soon as the reception is over?"

"You're not happy that we are here, are you?"

She slightly shrugs back to him. "You know how I feel about these people and you know how I feel about Sabine Andrew and her daughter, Quinn Cunningham."

"Yes, yes, I know," Chase nods back to her. "We are making appearances, so yes, we can leave as soon the reception is over."

"Oh, Chase, Dyhannah," Lydia says as she comes up to the guests. "Welcome! You two are the first two guests to arrive."

"Lucky us," Dyhannah tries to not roll her eyes back to her.

Lydia looks back at her in surprise. "I see you got some champagne. Is there anything else that I can get you? I can track a waiter down if you'd like?"

"We are fine," Dyhannah replies to her quickly. "We just hope this day goes by as quickly as possible. The last thing that I want is to sit her and celebrate the mother of the woman that tried to ruin my son's life."

Lydia looks back at her in shock that she is being so rude at the wedding. She wonders, now, if she should tell Mac the truth about the woman that is in front of her, after all, the last thing the family needs is to have a negative energy in it.


A short time later, Celeste Baldwin opens the front door to the Rockwell mansion and scurries inside. With so many wait staff and wedding guests walking around, she finds it easy to avoid anyone that would recognize her and moves to the stairs that lead to the second story of the house.

She is desperate to find Cole Rockwell because she wants to try, at least, one more time to make him realize that she loves him and that her affair with Houston Blackmore meant nothing. She knows that time is critical because she has seen Cole kissing his former fiancé, Madison Stewart, on multiple occasions. She must make Cole realize that they are meant to be together before she loses him to Madi forever.

She arrives outside of his bedroom door and takes a deep breath. "Okay, I'll plead my case and then suggest to him that I be his date to the wedding. We can make our formal announcement that we have reunited at the reception," she tells herself with a sly grin on her face, hoping that her fantasy can come true.

She slowly opens the door to the bedroom and immediately feels the blood drain from her face at the sight in front of her: Madison and Cole are in his bed, engaging in hot, passionate, sex with one another.

Celeste closes the door and feels her eyes swell with water as she realizes that she might be too late.

"I've…I've lost him," she whispers as a single tear falls down her cheek.


Stacey Rockwell looks into the mirror that is hanging over her fireplace in the guest house that is on the Rockwell mansion estate grounds. She fixes her hair, which she has curled for the wedding and then smiles, thinking that she is ready for the event.

She can hear her children, Drake and Poppy, getting ready with the nanny, so once they are ready to go, they will be able to head to the main house. She moves to the sofa and picks up her purse, and as she does, she can't help but think about the previous day when she kissed Houston Blackmore. She knows that he has been telling her that this is their chance to be together because she gave Kent Blackmore the idea to remarry Vivian Blackmore while she was on her deathbed. Of course, the marriage turned out to be the exact thing that saved Vivian's life, and Stacey saw Vivian profess her love to Kent, and kiss him, which is why she kissed Houston.

If she is honest with herself, she has no idea where her head is right because she feels like it is spinning in circles. She just hopes that after the wedding, she is able to find some peace of mind about the current situation.

She looks over her shoulder when she hears a faint knock on the front door. She swiftly moves to the door and is surprised to see Houston on the other side of it.

"Houston? What are you doing here? I thought I was going to see you at the wedding?" Stacey asks him as he moves into the guest house.

"I…I had to see you," he admits to her as he turns to face her once he is in the living room. "Yesterday, you kissed me Stacey."

"I did and I'm sorry…"

"Don't ever apologize to me for showing me how you feel," he whispers back to her as he moves up to her. "I thought about it all night. Your lips…they are so soft," he tells her as he caresses her face.

"Houston…we…can't…" she whispers back to him as his lips reach hers again. The kiss quickly turns passionate until they look into each other's eyes.

"I want you so badly," he tells her as she nods back to him. "We have time before the wedding?"

"Yea, come with me," she says as she guides him to a bedroom on the other side of the house, where the nanny and children won't hear them engage in hot, passionate, sex with one another.


Kent Blackmore moves into the living room of the Blackmore mansion carrying a tray that has some eggs benedict and tea on it. He sees Vivian Blackmore sitting on the sofa in her soft pink satin robe and he smiles at her; he still can't believe that she is sitting in front of him because after her car accident, everyone thought that she was going to die.

"The chef has prepared you a breakfast," he announces to her as he sets the tray down on the coffee table in front of her. "He made all of your favorites."

"That's so sweet," Vivian smiles back to him as she picks up the cup of tea and takes a sip of it. "I also can't wait until the doctor tells me that I can have coffee again. I like tea but it doesn't give me the same kick that coffee does."

He chuckles back to her. "All in time," he nods back to her. "It is still an accomplishment that you're here with me now."

"Are you planning on going to Nathan and Sabine's wedding? I know that it is today."

"Honestly, no," Kent replies to her. "Sabine and I have a history together and it wasn't always pretty, so I have no intentions of going to the wedding. Besides, I don't want to leave you."

Vivian smiles back to him. "Well, I appreciate that," she tells him as she leans over and kisses him on the lips. "Because, in case you hadn't noticed, I really like being with my husband."

He looks back into her eyes and smiles back to her. For a quick moment, however, he can't help but think about Stacey and he wonders how she would feel about everything that is unfolding. He knows that she gave him the idea to remarry Vivian when they thought that she was dying; now that Vivian is very much alive, he can't help but wonder what the future holds. The last thing he wants is for Vivian to think that their marriage is a sham and she has a setback, but in his heart, he still cares for Stacey so very much.

"Hey, where did you go?" Vivian asks him, causing him to snap back into reality. "You looked a million miles away."

Kent uneasily smiles back to her. "I was just thinking about how blessed we are that you can back to us," he tells her. "This is really the best thing that could have happened to our family."


"Well, well, well," Lucinda Rockwell says as she turns in the living room of the Rockwell mansion and sees Chase and Dyhannah move into the room. "Look what the cat dragged in."

Dane grabs a glass of champagne and takes a sip of it before he arches his eyebrow back to his fiance. "Do you have something against Chase and Dyhannah?"

Lucinda purses her lips back to him. "Chase is a lovely man, but Dyhannah, that woman is a barracuda. She has always rubbed me the wrong way."

"Has Dyhannah done something to you personally?" Dane asks Lucinda back, as he is surprised by her reaction to her.

"Other than her vendetta against Quinn, who is the daughter of the woman my son is about to marry, no," Lucinda replies to him. "It's just…"

"Some people rub each other the wrong way," Dane nods back to her.

"Exactly," Lucinda tells him quickly. "If you don't mind, I'm going to powder my nose before the ceremony begins."

"Sure, I'll grab you another champagne for when you get back," Dane replies to her as he towards a waiter. He arrives just as Dyhannah approaches the same waiter.

Dyhannah, quickly, grabs the last two glasses of champagne from the waiter, which causes Dane to sigh back to him. "Good thing there's many waiters around here with more glasses," she winks back to him before she scurries back over to Chase.

"I can see why Lucinda is rubbed the wrong way by that woman," he sighs to himself.


In the foyer of the mansion, wait staff continue to move at a quick pace as there are a lot of actions that need to be completed before the wedding. So, due to the chaotic nature going on, when the front door opens and Marat Kafelinkov moves inside, no one stops to question him as to why he would be there.

Marat looks around the room and realizes that no one has even noticed that he is in the room. He takes a deep breath and makes a beeline for the staircase, which he starts to walk up quickly.

He turns around for a moment and smiles to himself when he realizes that no one has even noticed that he is in the room.

"Good," he whispers to himself. "Now I can do what I have to do and no one will ever know."


A short time later, Kent Blackmore opens the door to the Rockwell mansion. He knows that he told Vivian that he wasn't going to come to the wedding, but once she was laying down to rest, he decided to come because he wants to see Stacey. He needs to figure out where they stand with one another since their relationship has completed changed now that he is married to Vivian, and she is going to make a full recovery.

He grabs a glass of champagne from a travelling waiter and takes a hearty sip of it. As soon as he swallows, he realizes how much he has missed alcohol. He has been pretty much sober since Vivian's accident, which isn't like him. He finishes the glass and grabs another from one of the waiters before he moves into the living room, which has been transformed into the venue for the upcoming wedding.

He scans the room and sees many people he knows. He doesn't, however, want to make small talk with anyone. He just wants to find Stacey so he can pull her aside and talk to her. He freezes, however, when he sees Stacey and Houston sitting next to one another, looking rather chummy.

He arches his eyebrow at the sight just as Houston puts his arm around Stacey. "Damn it," he says to himself. "Houston has moved in when he knew that there was trouble in paradise. Have I lost you, Stacey? Is our romance over before it even began?"


Cole moves up to a waiter and grabs two glasses of champagne from a waiter as he has a grin on his face. He can't stop smiling because earlier he and Madison made love again for the first time since they were engaged. He never imagined that they would be back in this place again since he hurt her badly with his affair with Casper Ross all those years ago.

He turns and sees her about to sit down in one of the chairs and he can't help but think that she looks beautiful.

"Nothing will stop us from being together now," he whispers to himself, as Celeste moves up to him.

"Cole," she says, still thinking about how she witnessed Cole in bed with Madi earlier in the day. "We need to talk. It's important."

"Celeste," he sighs back to her, not wanting to rehash their failed romance again. "This isn't a good time. The wedding is about to begin."

"I know," she nods back to him. "But as soon as the ceremony is over, can you please spare me five minutes. What I have to tell you is important; please, can you just give me five minutes?"

"Fine," Cole replies to her quickly. "But this must be the last time you plead your case to me, Celeste. What we had, it's over. You have to start to accept that."

Celeste turns and watches Cole move towards his seat next to Madi. She sighs to herself. "I won't let you forget that you love me," she whispers. "You will remember that we belong together, and I know just how to do it. I won't lose you to Madison of all people, I refuse too."


Lex drives into the parking lot of the strip mall to where Casper's office is and moves into an empty stall. Once he parks his vehicle, he looks at his watch and realizes that he doesn't have a very long time before he must be back at the mansion for Sabine and Nathan's wedding.

"I need to tell Casper that I want to be with him," he whispers to himself. "I know that I was with Jaxson for the wrong reasons; I want to have a future with Casper."

He steps out of his car and starts to move towards the front door of the office but freezes in his tracks.

"What the hell?" he gasps as he sees brown paper over the door. "Casper's office is gone? He left? What is happening?"

The seats in the Rockwell mansion living room are filled with the guests for Sabine and Nathan's wedding. At the front of the room, Nathan stands next to a minster, who is going to perform the ceremony. Quinn, who is sitting in the front row, purses her lips together as she turns her head and sees her mother standing at the back of the room as the wedding march begins. The guests stand when they see Sabine, and some gasp at the sight of her, as she looks stunning in her long, bright yellow dress. She decided she didn't want to wear white since she has been down the aisle more than once.

"You look beautiful," Nathan tells her when Sabine reaches the altar.

"Thank you," Sabine replies to him as she turns and sees her daughter, who smiles back to her.

Nathan looks at the guests and sees Mac and Helena Grant sitting next to one another in the second row. He watches as Mac quickly kisses her cheek, which causes Helena to smile. Nathan gets a sly grin on his face.

"Dearly beloved," the minister begins causing Nathan to look back at Sabine, who is glowing with happiness. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Nathan Lockhart and Sabine Andrews into holy matrimony. The union of marriage is sacred and should not be taken lightly. If there is anyone present that has reason that these two should move into this union, please speak now or forever hold your peace."

Sabine gulps heavily as she looks out into the guests and hopes that no one tries to stop her wedding. She can't help but think of the many failed wedding's that have happened in Kelsey Lake over the years and she doesn't want that to happen to her and Nathan. She turns back when no one says anything.

"Very well," the minister says. "Let's continue."

"Wait," Nathan interrupts him as Sabine looks back at him in surprise. "I…I have something to confess."

"Nathan, what are you doing?" Sabine asks him in a whisper, while the guests start to wonder what is going on.

"I…I can't go into this marriage until I am completely honest with you, Sabine," he says before he looks into the audience and locks eyes with Helena. "With everyone."

"Honest? Honest about what?" Sabine asks him quickly.

"I slept with another woman," Nathan reveals as the crowd gasps and Sabine gets tears in her eyes. "I made mad, passionate love to Helena Grant and … I can't get her out of my mind!"

Mac feels the blood drain from his face as he turns and looks at his lover in shock. Helena quickly stands up and rushes out of the room, as the crowd watches in shock.

"You…you slept with Helena?" Sabine asks him as a tear runs down her cheek, as Nathan nods back to her. Sabine slaps him hard across the face and rushes out of the room. Quinn, immediately, stands up and rushes to follow her mother.

"Looks like there won't be a wedding today after all," Nathan says to everyone as he runs his hand over his red cheek. "Hope you all enjoyed the show!"


A short time later, Helena is walking through the garden with tears streaming down her face. She can't believe that Nathan exposed their affair in such a public manner, especially since he promised her that he would never say anything about their night of passion. She closes her eyes for a moment and is taken back to a few moments earlier; the look on Mac's face was of disgust.

"What have I done?" she asks herself as she tries to wipe her eyes.

"Helena!" Mac says as he rushes up to her in the garden. "Helena, wait! We have to talk!"

Helena stops and turns to face her lover. "Mac…"

"Tell me it's not true," Mac pleads with her, hoping that Nathan is up to his old tricks and trying to cause problems for him. "Please tell me that you didn't have sex with my brother!"

Helena gasps as more tears flow from her eyes. "I'm so sorry Mac," she whispers back to him. "I…I never meant to hurt you…but…"

"You did it? You slept with Nathan?" Mac asks her as he feels like he has been sucker punched. "How could you do this? We…we were so good together?"

"I know!" Helena continues to cry. "It just happened; like I said, I never meant to hurt you. And you and I, we are good together, Mac. This was…this was a mistake! A horrible mistake."

"I can't believe this."

"Tell me that you can forgive me?" Helena pleads with him. "Tell me that we can move past this, Mac? Tell me that we still have a future together?"

Mac looks back at her in disgust. "I'm sorry Helena," he coldly replies to her. "But whatever we had together, you ended the minute you spread your legs open for my brother. We are over!"

"No, Mac, please…"

"Stop begging," Mac spits back at her. "I never want to see you again! Do you hear me! Ever!"


Nathan slowly opens the door to his room that he shares with Sabine in the mansion and sees his fiancé on the bed crying, with Quinn next to her. He clears his throat causing Quinn to look up from the bed.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" she asks him as she comes up to him. "If my mother hadn't slapped you downstairs, I would do it for her!"

Nathan rolls his eyes. "Stop with the dramatics, Quinn. You're not exactly a saint yourself," he replies to her. "If you could give Sabine a moment, we need to talk."

"Mom?" Quinn turns her head to see Sabine to check if it is okay that she is alone with Nathan.

"I'll be fine," a hoarse voiced Sabine tells her. "He is right; we have to talk."

"I'll be downstairs if you need anything, Quinn tells her mother before she leaves the room.

Once the door closes, Sabine slowly stands up the bed and wipes her nose with a tissue before she looks over at Nathan.

"I…I don't understand," she admits to him. "You slept with another woman? And then told me at our wedding? How could you humiliate me that way?"

Nathan chuckles back to her. "Because," he whispers back to her. "You humiliated me, Sabine. And this was my way of revenge."

She looks back at him in confusion. "How the hell do you think I humiliated you? I have stood by yourself, Nathan! I was ready to commit to spend the rest of my life with you!"

Nathan continues to chuckle. "I know your dirty secret," he glares at her with intent. "You fucked my brother! I know about your affair with Mac!"

Sabine feels the blood drain from her face. "You did all of this because of a one-time mistake?"

"A mistake?" he continues to glare at her. "You call sleeping with my brother, who I was in a battle with, a mistake? Yes, I did all of this to get back at you, to get back at both of you! You want to make a fool of me, then I will do the exact same thing to you and Mac!"

"You're disgusting," Sabine shakes her head back at him. "I don't know what I ever saw in you!"

He chuckles. "The feeling is more than mutual, Sabine. We are over, and we will never get back together again!"


Celeste steps out of a side room of the Rockwell mansion and looks down at herself. She is wearing a black trench coat, as she changed after the non-wedding. She knows that she must find a way to make Cole realize that he is still in love with her. She refuses to close the man that she loves to Madison.

"Okay, it's show time," she whispers to herself as she moves to the staircase. She saw that Cole went up to his room after the wedding; she just hopes that he is still alone and not with Madi because she needs him to be alone.

Once she gets to the second level, she looks at Cole's bedroom door and moves towards it. "Cole, it's me," Celeste says as she knocks on the door. "You promised me five minutes after the wedding!"

Cole opens the door with his white shirt unbuttoned and a scotch in his hand. "Celeste, yes, I did promise you five minutes," he tells her. "Some wedding, huh?"

"Never a dull a moment around here," she chuckles back to him. "Look, I know you said you'd give me five minutes, but I am really hoping that you'll give me more. Especially when you see what I have for you."

Cole arches his eyebrow back to her. "I only have five minutes, Madison is coming to my room. We are going to…"

Before Cole can finish his sentence, Celeste takes off her trench coat, which reveals her naked body. Cole stops and looks at Celeste, as lust slowly fills in his eyes.

"Are you sure you only have five minutes?" she giggles back to him. "Because I could spend hours with you, Cole."

"What the hell is going on here?" a stunned Madi asks as she approaches the bedroom, and sees her lover looking at Celeste's naked body. "Cole? Celeste? Someone better start telling me what's happening!"


Stacey moves to the bar in the living room of the Rockwell mansion and pours herself a brandy. She takes a sip of it as her head spins about the days events. It seems like no wedding ever goes accordingly to plan in Kelsey Lake, she thinks to herself.

"You're alone," a voice calls out from behind her. Stacey turns and looks at Kent, who is moving into the living room. "What a day."

Stacey chuckles back to him. "I'm surprised you were able to attend. I thought you would have been with Vivian."

"I wasn't going to come," Kent admits to her. "But Vivian went to lay down to rest and I, I guess I wanted to see you more than anything."

"You wanted to see me?" Stacey asks him in surprise. "I thought you and Vivian had moved on together."

"It's complicated," Kent reveals to her. "Vivian thinks that we are happily married, but you know that I still care about you."

Stacey feels her eyes swell with water at his admission. "I…I don't know what to say," she admits to him. "I feel like my head is spinning."

"Mine too," Kent says back to her. "I guess I don't know where we stand right now, Stace."

"Neither do I," she says back to him as Houston moves into the room and sees them in a close embrace. "Neither do I."


"How are you feeling?" Deacon Cooper asks Quinn as they walk down a hallway of the Rockwell mansion. He can only imagine how upset she is that her mother's wedding was interrupted by Nathan's revelation that he slept with Helena.

"Honestly, I just hope my mother is okay," Quinn admits to him. "This has been a very long day for her."

"I am sure that your support means the world to her," Deacon says as he looks into her eyes as they stop walking. "You know, you've really impressed me these last few days."

"Really?" Quinn asks him as she blushes back to him. "That's very kind of you to say."

"You're welcome," Deacon smiles back to her. "I am beginning to believe that I was wrong about you, Quinn. I know that you lied to me, but I've seen you be such a great mother to Jumper and a supportive daughter."

"I never meant to lie," she admits to him. "I…I just wanted us to be together."

"I'm getting that now," he nods as he leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. "And maybe we can try again?"

"You mean that?" she asks him in surprise as she looks into his eyes.

"I mean it," he chuckles back to her. "Now, let's go see your precious son."

"I can't wait to see him," Quinn admits to him. "He's been in my mind all morning."

She moves to the door to the nursery and opens the door. They move inside but panic immediately sets into Quinn. "Where's Jumper?" she asks him quickly as she looks at Deacon. "He's…he's not in his crib! Where's my son!?"


"If you're pouring a drink, I'd love one," Lucinda announces to Dane as she moves into the study of the mansion. She can't believe that Nathan stopped his own wedding with the revelation that he slept with Mac's girlfriend. Just when she thought her family was all on the same page, this had to happen. "I really hope that this revelation at the wedding doesn't fuel up the feud between my sons again."

Dane passes his fiancé a brandy before he takes a sip of his drink. "I can see why you're worried about that," he nods back to her.

"I'm worried about many things," she admits to him quickly. "Like, can I trust Nathan with Mortimer's with health? I don't know, this might have been a horrible idea to divorce Mortimer."

"Lucinda," Dane sighs back to her. "You and I, we deserve to be happy together. We deserve to have a future together. Please, don't let this stop that from happening!"

"I don't know what to think," Lucinda replies to him. "It's not like wedding's seem to happen in this town anyways."

"Our wedding will happen," Dane comes up to her. "I can promise you that, we will be married and no one, or nothing will stop that."


Lydia moves into the main office at Rockwell Mining and immediately spies Mac pacing back and forth with a brandy in his hand. She can tell that he is gutted by the revelation at the wedding earlier. Mac had been so in lust with Helena that she can't imagine how upset he is have found out that she was with Nathan behind his back.

"I thought I'd find you here," Lydia announces as she moves office.

Mac stops walking long enough to look at Lydia and take another sip of his brandy. "This place is my refugee," he replies to her. "What brings you by, Lydia? Please don't tell me that you're here to check up on me because the last thing I need is a pity party over the fact that Helena and Nathan…"

"I wouldn't do that to you," Lydia informs him. "I will tell you that if you need to talk, I am here. But no, this is about something else."

Mac arches his eyebrow and looks back at her. "Well, what is it?"

"My investigation into Dane Ashby," she locks eyes with him. "It has uncovered something. Something you, and everyone, need to know."

Mac looks back at her in surprise. "Okay, well, what is it? What have you uncovered about my father?"

"He had a child with a married woman many years ago," Lydia reveals to him. "And that child is in town. You have a half-sister, Mac."

"A half-sister?" Mac asks back in surprise. "And she's here in Kelsey Lake? Well, who is she? Who is my sister?"

Lydia gulps back to him quickly. "Dyhannah Cooper," Lydia stuns Mac by her revelation. "Dyhannah Cooper is your half-sister."

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