Absolute Productions was created in 2003 by brothers, Dallas and Patrick Walsh, as they wanted a place to hold their webseries that they were writing. They teamed up with Ty Junior (The Mysteries of Our Lives) and together they branded the APN with the Online Serial Magazine, which ran together until 2010. After Dallas left the APN in 2010, the network soon folded and the series that were apart of the APN went their separate ways. With Dallas producing One Day at a Time, Pender Island and Chasing Diamonds, he thought having an umbrella network to host all of his series would be the a great idea, hence the APN being reborn. If you have any questions, please go here or here!


Dallas Walsh is 35 years old and lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada. He has been married to his husband for 7 years, although they have been together for 12 years. He has a cat named Jorge Juan, who is turning 15 in May. Dallas created One Day at a Time in 1994 and started writing it in 1995. Shortly after, he created many other soap operas that he wrote in Soap Opera Digest synopsis style; Light House, Santa Monica, Wild Rose, Golden Hearts and Heaven Can Wait were some of his series. ODaaT was always his favorite and his baby as he created it first.

After finishing college in 2002, Dallas decided to bring ODaaT to the web. His brother Patrick, who wrote a series called Green Meadows and Love Can Move Mountains in the early 90's, had discovered a website called the EpiGuide, which is a forum were writers would gather and discuss each other's work. The site featured series of all different styles and genres, but it seemed the majority were soap opera styled. At the time, Patrick had his series LOVE on line; this is where Dallas got the inspiration to put his series online.

He admits that the first couple of years of episodes are very rough, but he maintains that it is nice to see how far he has come in writing style and ability. ODaaT recently celebrated it's 15th anniversary online, and has no signs of stopping any time soon!

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