Chasing Diamons is Dallas Walsh's newest series that is set to debut June 06, 2016. It is a cross between Dynasty, Melrose Place and The Young and the Restless. After 5 seasons, and lots of drama, the series is set to air it's final episode. How will it end? Click here to learn about about CD!
One Day at a Time is the longest running serial on Absolute Productions as it first came to the web back in 2002! It is a classic soap opera that is released every Sunday. There is a lot of story and history to this series, so if you're new, you might want to check out the annual recaps on the "episodes" page. Click here to learn more about ODaaT!
Pender Island was a mini-series that Dallas Walsh released in the summer of 2014. A departure from ODaaT, Pender Island is a supernatural series that still has elements of a soap opera in it. While season two hasn't come out yet, there are plans for another season. In the meantime, revisit season one and all the drama with Agatha and co. Click here to learn more about PI!
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